Providing high quality bikes to qualified veterans

We work with local bike shops, individuals and bike manufactures that want to donate high-quality bikes to our cause. We require a minimum of 100 volunteer hours in order to submit an application. From there, the top volunteers go into a lottery system where we grant at minimum one bike per quarter to the winner. Note: Recipients must live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area to receive a bike. We no longer ship bikes outside of our local area.

Community Outreach

Once the vet receives the bike and becomes an Alumni, it’s now time to make sure that the bike is utilized by the vet so the therapy of cycling can begin. Pedal Against PTSD helps by informing our vets about upcoming cycling events, encourages them to get involved with our online social communities and also continues to follow up with the vet over time to ensure they are receiving the needed benefits cycling can provide. It’s important to note that this is a “You get out what you put in” type of program. If you are not riding, this program will not work. If you keep riding, even a little bit, we promise the hard work will pay off.

Research and Development

Lastly, Pedal Against PTSD will donate profits to research organizations that sponsor studies related to the impact of healthy living and exercise on those that suffer from PTSD.

Interested in hosting your own event, doing a fundraiser or donating a bike? Contact us at [email protected]