Our Story

Pedal Against PTSD was founded in 2013 by USMC combat veteran, Kevin Campagna, and Jessica Reich, President. When Kevin left the organization in 2016, Jessica felt a huge responsibility to the growing amount of supporters and veterans to continue the mission. Since then Pedal Against PTSD has grown by leaps and bounds; partnering with other organizations, corporations and nonprofits to bring awareness to PTSD and peace through cycling one pedal at a time.

Born in the gravel, Pedal Against PTSD is a grass roots movement that has expanded exponentially. Recognized in all 50 continental states, as well as certain countries overseas, our mission is to empower military and veterans to overcome PTSD through the sport of cycling.

Our vision is to continue to raise awareness regarding the severity of PTSD and to share the benefits that the sport of cycling brings to all military veterans and their families that struggle with PTSD.

Our goal is to provide vets with quality bicycles, create a strong community outreach program and contribute funds back to research and development of PTSD.

Where We Fit

mayo clinic recommendations what is really happening pedal against ptsd
Follow your treatment planNot seeking the treatment they needProvide an alternative treatment plan through the sport of cycling
Learn about PTSDChoosing to accept the symptoms as “Who they are”We promote awareness
Take care of yourselfNot taking care of themselves with proper nutrition and exerciseWe promote a healthy lifestyle
Don’t self-medicateMore and more self-medication through alcohol and other meansThe psychological benefits of cycling
Break the cycleFew effective options to choose from in order to break the cycleWe provide our members with quality bikes
Talk to someonePerception of no one to talk toWe provide a support network
Consider a support groupDo not consider themselves part of a greater cause like when they were in uniform and therefore isolated.Riding with like minded friends is one of the best support groups someone can find

Strategic Vision


To provide high quality bicycles to qualified veterans through an application process.


To create a support network that provides a larger community for our team members to plug into.


To raise money for research and development through our PAPTSD Grinder charity ride series.

Where Your Dollars Go

Board of Directors

Jessica Reich


Jessica was introduced to cycling when she met Kevin and has developed a huge passion for cycling ever since. Jessica has been part of Pedal Against PTSD from the very beginning when it was founded. She has worked in the non-profit sector for over 15 years in Texas and Costa Rica where she grew up. She has love for serving others and the community and continues to achieve this through her position as President.

Mark Blinn

Director of Veteran Relations

Mark grew up in Port Orchard, Washington and entered the Air Force in October 1996 as a loadmaster.  His background include loadmaster duties on C-141B; C-130E, H, H3; and C-17A aircraft.  His assignments include bases in Washington, Texas, Alaska, and Oklahoma.  In his 20 years, he has flown missions in support of Operations Joint Guard, Joint Forge, Desert Fox, Southern Watch, Northern Watch, and Nobel Eagle.  He has deployed numerous times in support of Operations Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom.  In April of 2016 he started road cycling and found, along with counseling, cycling helped alleviate some of his PTSD symptoms.  He found it was a time where he could find peace while focusing on the ride and improving himself, and of course his STRAVA times.

Lyann Fortner

Director of Social Media

Lyann is a Dallas native and a bike enthusiast. Coming from a military family, the PAPTSD organization is near and dear. As the Social Media Director, Lyann manages and creates content for the LinkedIn and Instagram social media pages. In her free time Lyann enjoys cycling, mountain ranges and spending time with her husband and 3 dogs.

Jared Bliss


Jared joined the army in August of 2005 as a 11B (infantryman). He was stationed at Camp Casey Korea, Fort Hood TX, Fort Carson CO, Fort Benning, GA, and Schofield Barracks, HI. Deployed twice to Afghanistan; once from June 2008 to June 2009 another from March 2012 to December 2012; both in Kunar Province. Married with 4 kids, Jared’s passion is mountain biking and is an Assistant Trail Steward for DORBA.

Mychal "Bud" Keys

Director of Community Outreach

Donate today to Pedal Against PTSD and help put a vet in need on a quality bike.

Your dollars go directly towards our mission of providing high quality, fully equipped bikes to veterans to get them back on the road to recovery. Please donate today!